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Premier Driving Academy provides a door to door service for EDT learner drivers, in a dual controlled school car, all routes are covered for clients who are preparing for test, we can offer the highest pass rate, supplied by a registered RSA / ADI qualified instructor.

At Premier Driving Academy our 95%+ pass rate is not only based on our high level of success, but also the level of professional instruction provided with each lesson. We are so confident in our level of quality that we are willing to offer a 50% discount on your first lesson if you are not completely satisfied.

Car Knowledge

Teaching learner drivers about the standards and need to know aspects of a car.

Road Ready

Getting learner drivers road ready and comfortable driving their car on any road.

Test Routes

Training learner drivers for their test by practicing all possible test routes.

Passing Your Test

Putting all of the knowledge and experience gained through lessons together and working on them as one to ensure a pass.

We Offer 2 Types Of Driving Lessons

There are different types of lessons that may be a better fit for people based of their experience level and what they are looking to get from driving lessons. Check the links below and find out which lessons will suit you the most.

EDT Lessons

Essential Driver Training (EDT) is the mandatory training course that learner drivers must complete before taking their driving test.
The EDT course was introduced by the Road Safety Authority (RSA) to teach pupils the fundamental driving skills to become better drivers. Premier Driving Academy’s EDT lessons will enhance your driving knowledge and ability which will in turn improve your confidence as a driver.
The EDT course requires 12 hour long drivers lessons, teaching fundamental and important driving skills. At the same time you will need to use an EDT Logbook, which will be signed off at the end of every lesson by your qualified Premier Driving Academy instructor.

If you are not required to complete EDT, you may still choose to take EDT lessons. This can improve your driving skills and increase your chances of passing the driving test.

Benefits of Essential Driver Training (EDT):

EDT lessons can help develop new beneficial driving skills while improving your overall knowledge and awareness of road safety.

Confidence grows from each lesson as you get more comfortable driving with practice.

Each lesson improves your skills and safety as a driver.

Pre Test Lessons

Premier Driving Academy ensures that each lesson is taught to the highest standard.

We offer a personalised service, including door to door pickup making learning to drive enjoyable and passing your test stress free.
We are proud to say we have a 90%+ pass rate and our Pre Tests will ensure you are fully prepared for your driving test. Our qualified instructor will cover every single aspect of the test and provide commentary on all the things that you will need to do/improve on to pass your driving test successfully.

All learner drivers need to have held their Learner Permit for at least six months on the day of the test. Premier Driving Academy and its ADI approved instructor provide lessons tailored to suit each individual.

We offer EDT Driving Lessons, Driving Pre Tests, Motorway and Night Driving in its dual control vehicle to ensure all levels of driving can be accommodated and to enable you to learn how to drive or pass your test with growing confidence.

To be well prepared for your driving test we advise you take some Pre Test lessons. It is best to take them near to the actual test date, in most cases the days leading up to the test or even on the day of the test finishing at the test centre.
These lessons are great for calming your nerves and getting out any mistakes you might make before meeting your examiner. Your Premier Driving Academy instructor will give advice and personal points of improvement for your test to ensure you are ready for the actual driving test.

Benefits of the Pre Test:


Helping to deal with any nerves.

Covering all manoeuvres on the driving test.

Final points of improvement.

Dealing with last minute bad habits.

Getting you in the zone for your test.

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